Maybelline- The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette Review


A couple of weeks ago I was sent multiple Maybelline products, one of my favourite drugstore makeup brands. I was super excited to try everything out. I did talk about everything on my Instagram stories but I have totally been obsessing over The City Mini Eyeshadow  Palette.

I am so serious when I say I use this little palette almost everyday. The colours are absolutely stunning and pigmented. In total there are 6 palettes in the collection and you will deffinitley be able to find one you love. I currently use the Rooftop Bronze palette and I love all the neutral shades. I have listed the order and how I apply each shade to create my look! eyes.jpg

This is a close up of the final look! I popped on some false lashes to really amp up the look but of course for an everyday look falsies are not necessary!

I hope you all enjoyed this post!

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