Fall Essentials

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Hello Ladies!

Fall is here and I couldn’t be happier – lattes, scarves and of course over the knee boots! 

As the weather is changing I am needing to swap out the tank tops and shorts and replace with cozy turtlenecks and jeans. I have compiled a list of my fall essentials, although some are still on my wish list! 

#1 Just Open Knitted Coat
I  have worn this jacket so often since purchasing. It is the perfect fall jacket (technically it is a heavy cardigan) for the colder days. The grey colour pairs so well with a variety of outfits and I think I want to buy it now in the camel colour I just love it so much!

#2 Over the Knee Boots
These boots are definitely on my wish list. The price is quite up there but I just adore this style of over the knee boots. Luckily, there are so many dupes for this style of boot and they can be found at pretty much any shoe or footwear store. I have linked a couple cheaper options here and here

#3 Felt Hat
I just bought this hat and I just think it is so cute! Super comfy and it has a really nice structure to the rim. It is on sale now so go grab one- it also comes in black!!

#4 Suede Leather Cross Body Bag
OK, so I have been OBSESSING over the real Chloe bag that I have linked here. I was searching for a dupe everywhere and I finally found one so I had to get it. Really affordable and looks just like designer!

#5 Block Heel Bootie
Perfect booties for the fall, I love the heel size and they can be paired perfectly with a cute pair of jeans and a cozy cardigan. 

#6 Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Candle
This is by far my favourite fall scent! I love this candle so much I will throw it in my purse if I am going to my boyfriend’s house just so I can light it and relax. (LOL I know I  am crazy)

#7 Camel Scarf
Just bought this scarf and oh my it is so cozy and soft. This scarf goes amazing with my leather jacket and my cream cardigans. I love how long and big it is because it keeps you so warm on those chilly days. 

#8 Jersey Robe
I have recently bought some new robes and I love this one! This may sound odd, but I find with really fluffy robes I get too warm when I am fresh out of the shower and blow drying my hair. I know I sound like such a diva!! 🙂 So to avoid that, I have been loving the jersey material robes and they keep you warm enough while you are doing your makeup and getting ready.

I hope you loved this blog post, and I would love to know what some of your favourite Fall Essentials are!

I have a couple events coming up this week that I am really excited about so be sure to watch my Instagram stories and snapchats for all the details!!

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With Love,

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