Finding Work Life Balance

Hey everyone!

I have waited to publish this post until the time felt right but I think this is the type of post where it just may never be the right time. Don’t worry this is nothing serious just something I think many people my age struggle with, and most recently myself.

Those who are my age are typically either in school or newly graduated, and I am happy to say I am newly graduated (I graduated a year ago, I am just trying to keep myself young lol). As a recent grad I am so hungry for new opportunities and finding a job in my field. I am so thrilled and I was lucky enough to find a job in my field where I use to intern. Hard work really does pay off!

I always knew I was wanted to become immersed in my career and told myself I wouldn’t turn down any opportunity to learn. However, with a very demanding job (which I wouldn’t change for the world) I find myself constantly struggling to keep my relationships with my family and friends strong. 

We spend so much time in school striving for this “dream job” but upon graduation we are faced with what I feel is the biggest challenge. When I first found my job I was so concerned with keeping my work life and personal life separate. I never wanted work things to interfere with personal things and vice versa. It became such a daunting task just trying to keep the two apart. Although one day, mainly when I began a new job I came to realize that all of things can become one. It can become a very fine line because you don’t want one constantly taking priority. However, I will say that family, friends and loved ones always come first which is a given. Although, I have come to terms that its okay to work those extra hours, it is okay to be absorbed in your career, isn’t that what we went to school for? To have a job you love? It is okay to be busy.

I am so blessed to be in the relationship that I am. My boyfriend is a full time student but is extremely committed to his studies. We are still so young and hope to create a life together someday. But right now we don’t have a lot, and I am okay with that. We hope to eventually get a place together where we can both call home. But right now we are just trying to use what we have and enjoy it. To be honest I wouldn’t change it for the world.  The truth is the money you earn now just has a special meaning. It is something I value since I know how much work goes into it.  I find many people my age are trying to out do each other. I know this may seem ironic since I run a fashion/beauty blog but I truly post on my blog in hopes that girls will come together in sharing their beauty tips and tricks and support one another. It is not about who has the most expensive things. 

I think the best thing you (we) can do for ourselves at this age is just work hard. Put in the extra hours because in the end it will pay off.  

This truly was a random post, but something I felt obligated to do since I find more and more with social media, we are trying to find the perfect “image” instead of enjoying the moments life is gracing us with.

With love,



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