Skincare Routine

Hello ladies!!

As already previously mentioned in my Everyday Makeup Routine, I have extremely sensitive skin!! With that being said I have found some products that have really helped my skin and have allowed it to have that glowing from within look. Here is an inside look into my skincare routine and I hope it can help some of you ladies if you are struggling with your skin, or even if you feel like switching up some of your products!

First I will start off with removing my makeup. I will use a cotton pad with a couple drops of Nivea Express Eye Makeup Remover to remove any mascara and eyeshadow. I prefer my eye makeup remover to have oil in it as I feel it works a little better and not as much product is needed.

Next, I will use Irish Spring Soap to remove my face makeup. Yes, you did hear me correctly I use mens body soap to remove my makeup. Believe me when I say I have used absolutely every cleanser on the market. I have used harsh products, gentle products, you name it I have tried it- this soap has come out on top every time! Anytime I would use a cleanser I felt as if there was a film left on my face or it would make me break out. Now I know most people would probably advise against using a plain bar of soap, but it is just what works for my skin.

To actually cleanse my face and remove any remaining leftover makeup or bacteria on my skin, I use the REN Gentle Cleansing Milk. This brand is quite new to Sephora, however I have been completely in love with it after it was suggested to me.  It is an all natural brand, and works well with sensitive skin. I will take about two pumps of the cleanser and put it on damp skin. I will next use my Vanity Planet Exfoliating Brush, and massage it into my skin. I will let the brush go over my skin for roughly 30 seconds on its highest speed. I then rinse off the cleanser and pat my face dry with a clean towel.

I have found that keeping my skincare routine as simple as possible has really helped my skin. I know it is tempting to use every product and every sample that Sephora has to offer, but for my skin; less is more. I finally finish off with pressing a couple drops of my Palmers Skin Therapy Face Oil into my skin. I really do love this skin oil and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for extra hydration. It also wears extremely well underneath makeup.

Thank you so much for reading my everyday skincare routine, I hope you enjoyed!

With Love,

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