Winter Must Haves


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  1. There is no way anyone can enjoy the winter when their feet are cold and wet. A big struggle for me is having to walk around in huge winter boots and that doesn’t make for a fun winter either. This winter I was determined to find a solution; and I did! These boots are the perfect height but can also pass as being cute and they don’t make you feel like you are wearing huge winter boots.
  2. I wasn’t able to find my exact Peacoat but this jacket is extremely similar. I love the wrap around and tie at the front. The soft material is perfect for those snowy days.
  3. These are not my exact gloves however still very similar. I think a glove dresses up an outfit a little more than mittens. They are also a little easier to use when digging in your purse for your phone on those cold days. (We have all been there!)
  4. This was a recent purchase for me and by far my favourite item on this list! This coat is incredibly warm but has such a classic look. The deep pockets are great for keeping your hands warm. Another bonus about this coat is the double zipper. Once the front zipper is undone, your jacket can still be done up; just not fully bundled. I love this feature for when I am taking the subway and it gets a little toasty. This way I don’t have to fully unzip my coat to cool off.
  5. Huge trend lately are these hats with the pom poms. Again, I was not able to find my exact hat but this is very similar. So warm and cozy!
  6. These boots are not exactly practical when there is a lot of snow on the ground, however they are my latest obsession. I try to wear these boots whenever possible! They offer a little bit of warmth since they go so high up on the leg. They can dress up any outfit and look amazing paired with a sweater dress.
  7. These leggings have been one of my saving graces this winter. They are lined with a soft material on the inside but are faux leather on the outside. Suprisingly, they keep my legs nice and warm when I am outside and look amazing paired with the OTK boot.
  8.  These sunglasses are a dream purchase! I love the style and have a very similar pair. Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit and I love love these ones!
  9. This scarf is so cozy! I love the black and white print. As you can tell I love to wear a lot of black, so this scarf can be paired with majority of my items. Another great thing about this scarf is all the different ways you can style it!
  10. I typically have my nails painted either white or a soft pink. This winter I have been trying out a couple darker colours and this is definitely one of my favs.

    With love,

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